Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can I contact about Membership?

You can call or email:
Helen Swingle at: (973) 250-3276 or
Alternatively you can contact: Chuck Hughes at (973) 903-2337 or

You may also vist our 'Contact Us' section and fill out a request form for more information.

Can I be mailed an application?

No. Applications MUST be picked up in person at our monthly meetings AFTER you have been interviewed and accepted by the Membership Committee.

Meetings are held on the third Monday of every month except July where there is no meeting.

Do I need a NJ Firearms ID card to become a member?

No, HOWEVER, prospective members must be in the process of obtaining one if they don't already posses one.

Do I need have to have an active membership with the NRA?

No, HOWEVER, prospective members should be in the process of joining, or should have a membership by the time they attend orientation, a welcome letter from the NRA is also acceptable at time of orientation.

If you are not already a member of the NRA, you can join through our club NRA recruiter who offers great discounts on membership.

Can guests attend?

Regular members may bring a limit of 2 guests to the firing line, special rules apply to this situation. Members can only bring the same partys a maximum of two times before they must apply for membership


What calibers are allowed at the range?

.22 to .45 caliber for handguns.
.22 caliber rimfire ONLY for rifles. NO MAGNUM LOADS!

What are the operating hours of the range?

9:00AM to dusk on weekdays and Saturday. 10:00AM to dusk on Sundays.

Are targets or ammunition available for purchase?

No. All members must obtain their own ammo and supplies. Target backings may be purchased ahead of time during a monthly meeting.