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The joining process

A. be a citizen of the U.S.
B. be 21 years of age or over
C. must have a valid New Jersey Firearms ID card
D. be a member of the NRA (we have an on-site NRA Recruiter)
E. be a resident of New Jersey (non-residents
must have a concealed carry permit from another state or have a NJ Firearms ID Card).

2. Must be interviewed and recommended for membership by FR&R Membership Interview Committee.
Complete a waiver and application for membership. Attend Orientation Class and bring with you copies of your
NJ Firearms ID, front and back, a valid form of photo ID, NRA membership card or magazine label showing
NRA number and expiration date.

3. All prospective members MUST complete the Orientation Class regardless of background or experience,
prior to being accepted and gaining range privileges.

4. Must attend the next regular meeting after completing the Orientation Class, and be prepared at that time to
pay the initiation fee ($150.00) and a prorated annual fee ($150.00)*. You will be proposed for probationary
membership, receive your probationary membership card, door access fob ($25) and an index card to keep a
record of your attendance at work details (does not include meetings). You must have the index card signed and
dated by a membership committee member or club officer for each work detail you attend.

5. Our club is a member-supported organization and expects that all members, new and old, participate in club
functions. You must be a member to participate in club shooting activities such as leagues, etc. unless prior
approval has been received from the Executive Committee for that activity.

6. PROBATIONARY and JUNIOR MEMBERS are expected to:
a. Attend as many monthly meetings as possible.
b. Assist in a minimum of 4 work details.
c. Assist in club matches and activities.

7. Probationary members shall NOT bring guests (including family).

8. Prior to the one-year anniversary of your probationary period you must present the work party card to the
membership committee for review. Your acceptance in FR&R depends on your performance. If you have
fulfilled the requirements of a probationary member who follows FR&R range rules and has contributed and
participated in club events, you will be proposed for REGULAR membership. At the end of your probationary
period you must attend the monthly meeting. Upon acceptance you will receive full REGULAR membership

9. JUNIOR MEMBER is a son or daughter, between the ages of 12 and 21, of a regular dues-paying member.
They must be interviewed and recommended by the FR&R Membership Interview Committee, fill out an
application and successfully complete the Orientation Class before shooting at the range. Junior members must
obtain their NJ Firearms ID Card and sign the waiver upon attaining age 18. Junior members will be the direct
responsibility of, and accompanied by, the regular member whose name appears on the membership card when
they are on Franklin R&R property. The regular member is responsible for adhering to all federal and state
firearm laws and may not shoot while the junior member is shooting. A $35* additional annual fee will be
charged to the regular member for each junior member.

Our range hours for all members are limited to:
9:00AM to dusk on weekdays and Saturday.
10:00AM to dusk on Sundays.

Firearm calibers are limited to:
.22 to .45 caliber for handguns
.22 caliber rimfire ONLY for rifles

The Franklin Revolver and Rifle Association is a private gun club requiring membership for range usage.

* All fees are subject to NJ State Sales Tax

Interested in joining?

You may contact our club recruiter Helen by:
Phone:   (973) 250-3276

Or by filling out the contact form at the bottom of any of our webpages.

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