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  • Helen Swingle

2023 Shoot-For-A-Cause event

Franklin R&R's "Shoot-For-A-Cause" Fun Match was held on September 9, 2023.

This year we raised money to help bring the photographic war memorial honoring those who died in the Global War on Terror to Sussex County. The National Memorial of "Remembering Our Fallen" was at Woodbourne Park in Wantage, NJ from September 8-11, 2023.

We had great weather for a change and shooters could enjoy lunch at our world-famous snack bar. Pistol and .22 rifle shooters enjoyed a variety of 'Fun Targets' throughout the day.

In addition to shooter fees we sold T-shirts and have been accepting donations for the past several months.

Franklin R&R members managed to raise $2,505.00 to honor those who lost their lives. May they never be forgotten.



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