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  • Helen Swingle

Girl Scouts enjoy a "Day at the Rifle Range"

Updated: Jun 22

Saturday,  May 18, 2024 was a day for learning and fun when local Girl Scouts and their leaders came to the Franklin Revolver & Rifle Association Range to learn the basics of firearm safety and experience hands-on shooting the .22 caliber rifle.

The afternoon began with classroom instruction by NRA Certified Instructors teaching the basics of firearms safety and handling, each participant was then assigned to their personal coach and headed to the firing line to become familiar with the .22 rifle.

There were many styles of .22 rifles available – single shot, bolt action, lever action and semi-automatic , some had a scope but most did not, some were light and a few were very heavy!

Franklin R&R Range Safety Officers had a busy afternoon keeping a watchful eye on the new shooters  as they took advice on how to get closer to the bullseye from their coaches. When the afternoon was over many bullet-riddled targets went home to hang on refrigerators and walls. An afternoon of learning well spent!

A ‘thank you’ to the NRA and its affiliates which over the years has helped provide the ammunition, ear and eye protection for these events and to all of the Franklin R&R members who donate their time and expertise as instructors, coaches and range safety officers so Franklin R&R is able to continue these community service programs  to educate the public at no cost to participants.

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